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Who Can Purchase A Firearm

Requirements to Purchase ANY firearm (handgun or long gun) in the State of Florida.

  • Persons must be 21 years of age
    All legal US residents may purchase a long gun in the State of Florida as long as said gun is legal in the purchasers state of residence
  • Florida does not require a specialized permit to purchase a firearm
  • Without a valid Concealed Weapon Permit issued by the State of Florida, there is a mandatory three (3) business day waiting period for ALL firearm purchases. 
    Individual counties, cities and municipalities have the ability to pass laws that add or lengthen the waiting period for any type of firearm. Please consult your local County Commission for more detailed information.
  • Concealed Weapon Permit holders are subject to the same background check as persons who do not possess a Concealed Weapon Permit.
There is no limit to the number of firearms you may purchase per background check. However, once the sale is completed, each additional firearm purchase in the future requires a new BATF form 4473 to be completed and the background check process repeated.